If you’ve found yourself avoiding mules and slingback shoes because of the hard skin on the back of your feet, help is at hand. A callus peel is a simple and pain-free way of getting rid of dry skin often found on your feet. Now there’s an excuse to go sandal shopping...

Calluses form when your skin dries out. Pair that with the amount of steps you take every day and calluses are likely to form. But fear not! A callus peel couldn’t be simpler and is usually performed in four easy steps. First, your therapist will apply a specially designed skin patch to the bottom of your foot and your heel to soften your skin. Next, a plastic scraper will be used to gently peel off the callus. Trust us, this is nowhere near as painful as it may sound. In fact, the sensation is often described as a soothing one and many people compare it to the relaxing experience of reflexology. Who would have thought? After the callus has been removed , your therapist will polish the healthy skin found beneath before moisturising it with nourishing and hydrating cream. You may want to find out the name of it at this point, as we have a feeling you’ll be impressed. And there you have it! You’ll be free to go and can expect a spring in your step straight away.

£23 to treat heels or balls of foot (both feet are included in price)

£30 to treat the whole foot (both feet are included in price)